Thursday, January 6, 2011

3D Appeal Makeover -- Review of Travis' Model, Part 1!

What are the elements of an appealing female 3D face?


  1. great, did not know how important it is to manage well the proportions..thanks David

  2. You're very good at calling out the things that artists sometimes have trouble articulating during a critique, or seeing in their own work. Very nice stuff.

  3. That was extremely informative. Thank you for going into detail and being thorough in your critique

  4. This is really great. Super helpful. I am currently having some struggles translating my 2D design into 3D. It's also a female character, but I'm going more for a doofy/cute look than classic beauty. Here's my design and the in-progress face model. Any quick pointers?

  5. Nice design! I feel like the model gets too fat on the bottom.

    The lips should feel like they turn a corner at the edge of the lips, then cut inward. These lips only roll softly off the suface. The need dimensionality.

    I would go for a more connected nose at the base.

    The eyes have a sunken feeling.


  6. I overhauled the face and added some tweaks that you suggested. What do you think? I'm still not sure if I'm happy with the nose...