Thursday, September 23, 2010

3D Appeal Makeover!

For about four films, I supervised the aesthetic and  performance aspects of character models and rigs at Blue Sky Studios, where I worked for nearly 11 years as an animator, rigger, and Character Development Supervisor. I often know how to make bad models and shapes good, and good ones great. I'm even pickier about facial expressions. And I'm a solid film animator too.
Being an animator helped me to change them to make appealing, emoting, expressive animation. And my fellow animator/bloggers know pretty well about animation too!

So here's a deal for you:
Send us your model, animation, or rig for the free
3D Appeal Makeover
Each week, when possible,
we will choose one of our readers' entries to edit and infuse more appeal! Then we will hand it back to you for free.
You retain all rights, but we will make a blog post about the changes --post pictures and/or video but not the actual file-- and why we felt the new version is more appealing.
To enter, send an email us (below) with a picture of your entry or animation or rig link. If we are interested in your entry, we will contact you to get the file.

If your submission doesn't get picked or you don't want to wait, click here to go to 3DAppealBlogNow, where you can pay to have it reviewed immediately!


  1. This is such an innovative way to spread the CG knowledge around the world! Keep it up and thanks!

  2. This is a very neat concept. I'm currently working on a short for school and we've spent much time modeling our main character (between myself and my girlfriend), but it would be the first 'real' model we make for animation, considering topology, etc.

    Gonna comment it to the others and might try and send it to you.

    But anyways, very good job here, gonna bookmark this site.